Jesus Culture!

So I went to Jesus Culture In January and it changed my life. Thousands of young people gathered in Redding, CA at Bethel. It was AMAZING! I wish I could describe the encounter I had with God but it really was indescribable. One artist whose music blessed my life was Jake Hamilton. He is truly a genuine man of God whose music and lyrics reflect that. I would recommend you take the time and listen to the lyrics of these songs. They will bless your life. The Anthem is one of my favorite songs from him.

“The Anthem” by Jake Hamilton

The other artist that was there was the Jesus Culture band. They were a blessing to my life as well. Take a look at the video below.

Have a blessed day! Be a blessing to others!


It’s Official, I’m back!

After almost a year it seems, I’m back! I have to say I am really excited to start writing again about our adventures. The first thing I want to talk about is Aimee’s wedding. Its coming up really soon! I cant believe it! I am really excited for both Aimee & Charlie. I have to say Charlie, you are a very lucky man. Aimee, not so much lol jk.

So in the beginning of this month, Nicole, Brit, Aimee, Andrea, and myself went shopping for the bridesmaid dresses in LA. WHAT A MISSION!  First, I hated the location and the people were the worst. We had to try on our dressed in these dressing rooms that didn’t have any mirrors and to make things worse, the man working there wanted us to share a dressing room. HA! That was a joke. There is no way I was going to share a small room with brit, Andrea, and Nicole. Can you really picture all 4 of us in a small dressing room that doesn’t have a door? HAHA it was a curtain! LOL!

Ok, so it wasn’t as bad as I am making it seem, but I have to make the story more interesting, right? Well, we ended up picking these tube top, knee length dresses in a pool color. FYI, I ended up changing my dress size to a bigger one because I was concerned about the fit. I am not used to wearing these body fitting dresses. It made me feel uncomfortable LOL. I only hope now that the dress is not too big where Its falling off LOL.

On another note, I am trying to figure out what song to sing for Aimee & Charlies wedding? I am trying to find the perfect song that resembles their love for one another. Here are a couple I was thinking of:

Or, how about this song?

Wait there’s more lol.

This one is just for fun since I know Aimee loves Glee LOL

I think its clear I still don’t have a song Lol, but the search is on. If anyone has a good idea for a song, please let me know. I will be posting more on this blog so keep coming back to it and see whats new.

I miss you all!

Cherice has a blog!

I am going to add her blog under the blogroll so you can all read it when you have time.

Cherice, I read your second post. Don’t worry about a job. I am still looking for one. I was taking care of my niece for two weeks while my grandparents were away to Mexico. Now that they are back I am hunting. I know you will find one. I will be praying for you, so I hope you pray for me. As for David, I support your decision no matter what. Things happen for a reason, so there is only one way to go, forward. Can’t wait to see you; see you soon!


Game 5 is today!!!! everyone should watch and let me know who wins…. I will be at church and won’t be able to see it…. BUMMER!!!!!

Another day

ITS FRIDAY!!!! YAY! So I might be going to Long Beach tomorrow because David has a soccer game. I am not sure yet; however, If any of you will be in the area text me and I will let you know If I am going or not. David is not sure if he is going to go because he is sore from a previous game. Aywho, I hope you are all doing fine. I talked to Nicole that other day and I told her we should all get together sometime at the beginning of next month. Comment back if you like the idea or not.

So, Terminator Opened today and I am not so sure If I am going to go see it. I was reading some reviews from people who saw it and they r not as good as I would have liked. Most people said it was a waste of time. As of now, I think I am going to wait to rent it. I have watched Star Trek so many times I think I should start saving money lol.

Well, I recoreded the Ugly Betty season finale; I still have not watched it. I only watched about 10 min of it. Last night I was watching the Lakers Game 2 so I could not watch Betty. They lost by 3 points btw. I am so Bummed!!! It’s ok they will make it up in Game 3 on Saturday.

Anywho I hope all is well and keep coming to my blog. I will try to blog at least 2 times a week.



Ok so Nicole has been trying to get me to blog so here it is. Last week I enjoyed every part of not doing homewok; however, I did not sleep in. Almost every day I woke up at arpound 6:30 to make my brother breakfast and take him to school. This week, Sara has asked me to take care of Bella until my grandparents come back from Mexico. So, I am babysitting for two weeks. It is not as bad as I thought it would; however, I do hate being inside the house doing house chores. I could never be a stay at home mom. Right now she is sleeping; however, I should be putting some clothes in the washer, but that can wait. So how has everyone been? I miss you all and can’t wait to go see you all soon. Anywho, there are a few things I would like to say to some of you:

Aimee: Guess what?
I am watching John and Kate+8 right now lol. Also, I still need to watch the last episode of Taking the Stage. I am so behind on some of my shows, I missed last weeks episode of Ugly Betty and this Thurs is the finale! I am soo behind on Gossip Girl. Also, American Idol result show is tonight so YAY!!!

Brittney: I have watched Star Trek 3 times!!!! I am obsessed!!!! I don’t know why but every time I see it it gets better and better lol. I would actually go see it again…. Also, last night after Idol they showed the first episode of the Fall show Glee you want to watch. I have to admit it was pretty good, so you should watch it when you get the chance too. Oh I almost forgot, Samantha Who? got cancelled! I am so sad!!!

Nicole: Have you looked into prices for those Galaxy tickets I told you about? Let me know or else I will get the tickets somewhere else.

Aimee, Brittney, Nicole, Tami, Kristen, Cherice, Kiki, Vince, and Charlie: Hola! I miss you all and can’t wait to talk to you all soon. We need to all get together soon!

Oh Terminator is opening this Friday. I need to catch up on all the old Terminator movies before I see this one.

LAKERS WON the first game against the Nuggets last night!!! It was a close game all throughout the 4 quarters. Anywho game 2 is Thurs and I will be watching. 79% of teams who win the first game end up winning the series; statistics look good for the Lakers lol.

Watch Idol tonight!


Benihana Night

So I have to say tonight was a lot of fun. I have not laughed so hard in a while. Ok well that’s not true, but you get the point lol. Well as I mentioned in my last post, 9 of us were on the list to attend and we all showed up! This rarely ever happens in our group. I am soooo stuffed! I can still taste the food in my mouth.I had the Benihana chicken picante; it was not picante. It was more like a sweet sauce than anything. It was still good nevertheless.

One of the big surprises of the night was David. I have to say the man was hilarious. He made me laugh a couple of times and he was a lot of fun to be around; Charlie seemed to get along with him as well.

We also had the opportunity to meet Tami’s friend Thomas. He was nice, not as talkative as I thought he would be, but then again we were all stragers to him. I will have to give you a full summary Tami lol.

I think we can all agree the night was so much fun. We should make it a date to go again sometime in the summer!

Aimee when you can you should upload the pictures on Facebook ( that goes for you too Cherice and Nicole)

Well I have to get back to my homework; I am going to be up late!