Another day

ITS FRIDAY!!!! YAY! So I might be going to Long Beach tomorrow because David has a soccer game. I am not sure yet; however, If any of you will be in the area text me and I will let you know If I am going or not. David is not sure if he is going to go because he is sore from a previous game. Aywho, I hope you are all doing fine. I talked to Nicole that other day and I told her we should all get together sometime at the beginning of next month. Comment back if you like the idea or not.

So, Terminator Opened today and I am not so sure If I am going to go see it. I was reading some reviews from people who saw it and they r not as good as I would have liked. Most people said it was a waste of time. As of now, I think I am going to wait to rent it. I have watched Star Trek so many times I think I should start saving money lol.

Well, I recoreded the Ugly Betty season finale; I still have not watched it. I only watched about 10 min of it. Last night I was watching the Lakers Game 2 so I could not watch Betty. They lost by 3 points btw. I am so Bummed!!! It’s ok they will make it up in Game 3 on Saturday.

Anywho I hope all is well and keep coming to my blog. I will try to blog at least 2 times a week.



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