Tonight is the Night

YES you guessed it, AMERICAN IDOL!!! haha I am going to miss Rock n Roll night, what a bummer lol. Well I am excited to be going to Benihana’s but why oh why did we choose Tuesday again?? I am going to miss my favorite show this season and it is really starting to hit me hard. I am really sad and depressed. I wonder If I can just watch it on my phone? Lol Well I hope to see you all there tonight, be there on time and remember:


OK, see you all tonight! Bring your cameras and smiles


Benihana’s Tueday Dinner

I am so exited to hear a lot of you are going to attend. Here is the confirmed list:

Tami, Thomas, Charlie, Aimee, Cherice, David, Brittney, Nicole, Maria

Remember: Dinner is at 7 P.M! Be there on time

Here are the directions:

It is only 5 minutes away!

1:  Start out going EAST on FAIR DR toward NEWPORT BLVD.
 0.2 mi
2:  Turn LEFT onto NEWPORT BLVD.
 0.8 mi
3:  Turn RIGHT onto BRISTOL ST/SE BRISTOL ST. Continue to follow BRISTOL ST.
 0.9 mi
4:  Turn LEFT onto CAMPUS DR.
 0.5 mi
5:  Turn RIGHT onto DOVE ST.
 0.1 mi
6:  Turn LEFT onto BIRCH ST.
 0.0 mi
7:  End at 4250 Birch St Newport Beach, CA 92660-1922

Events and More

1. Sunday, May 3: IHOP study night for Finals @ 6:30 P.M….

Kristen was wondering if we all wanted to go to Denny’s that night instead. Brit and I want to go to IHOP. So comment back and let me know if you want to go to Denny’s instead. 

2. Tuesday, May 5: Benihanas in Newport Beach Dinner at 7 P.M ( meet in the room at 6:30 to carpool or meet us there- directions are online)

Confirmed guests:

Tami, Nicole, Maria, Brittney, Aimee, Cherice, David, Thomas, Charlie

3. Friday, May 8

Commencement Practice: 3:00 P.M

Baccalaureate: 7:30 P.M- Kristen I know you were asking If we were going and we are. We will be going to the movies afterwards.

Star Trek Movie ( So Exciting!!!!) 9:30 or later P.M- Charlie said that Baccalaureate only lasts about an hour so hopefully we can watch the movie around 9; I think it will be packed with all the star trek fanatics so I am saying the later the better. 

Confirmed Guests: Aimee ( even though she does not want to go, she is supporting her friends lol), Charlie, Myself, Brittney, and Tami

4. Saturday, May 9

Breakfast at Beachcombers in Newport Beach @ 9:30 A.M

We can all meet there or come here at VC around 9 to carpool. Directions are also online.

Confirmed Guests:

Tami, Myself, Aimee, Kristen, Nicole, Brittney, Vince

Graduation Ceremony @ 5:00 P.M

Everyone is going to be there. Lets all make sure we can meet up after the ceremony for pictures k. We will make sure to discuss this over breakfast on the Saturday of graduation. 

OMG we only have a little over a week before we graduate. Exciting!!!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Charlie is 23 today! Be a good friend and wish him a great bday!

Up and Running: It is 2:55 A.M

I am still up!!! 

I really should be going to sleep, but I can’t. I am now regretting that Starbucks I had earlier. Well, Brit is still up doing some homework. I think she will be going to sleep sometime soon. As for me, I am just here listening to New Radicals and typing away about pretty much nothing. I really need to go to bed. 

Oh, I just remembered, Aimee and I watched The Reader. Brit was in and out of the movie, she was doing homework lol. Back to the film, there was A LOT of nudity. Thank you Nicole for renting it for me haha. Well, I really did not know what to expect, I just knew I really wanted to see it. Well, I saw it already; I saw a lot more than I wanted to. It was a well written film and the acting was good; however, I think the nudity was sometimes unnecessary.

Merging on to another subject, Nicole was sleeping, AGAIN. I am not surprised. What did surprise me though was that this time she fell asleep on Brittney’s brown chair. I know, I was just as shocked as you all are. Apparently Nicole can sleep just about anywhere lol.

Don’t believe me, take a look here:

Nicole was sleeping at The Trump building  in New York City. Talk about sleeping everywhere lol


I am looking up her condition online. Here is her diagnosis:

Nicole has Narcolepsy. It is a chronic sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep. The condition is most characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness ( Nicole sleeping on our white couch), in which a person experiences extreme tiredness and possibly falls asleep during inappropriate times, such as at work or school ( sleeping during movies and conversations with friends).  Individuals with narcolepsy should avoid jobs that require driving long distances or handling hazardous equipment or that require alertness for lengthy periods.( no more LA or San Diego trips). They may find it helps to take a nap before driving if possible or have a scheduled nap break during a long driving trip.

So as you all can see, It is not all Nicole’s fault. She can’t help but be who she is. There are support groups to help her. Just remember Nicole, I am here for you. Whenever you need to take a nap, feel free to come over; the couch will always be waiting for you lol.

Moving on to more serious news, Brittney is married. I know I was just as shocked as you all, but it is true. It happened this weekend with Mr. Davis and it is confirmed on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t believe me, call Nicole. She has pictures from the beautiful event lol. 

Ok it is now 3:13 A.M. I need to go to bed. Brit just moved her mattress to the living room again; I am not surprised. I think our neighbors are making beautiful music again. One of these days I am going to go over there and tell them how wonderful they really are…..NOT. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

Good night!… oh wait…

Good Morning!!!

I have a few words for you all!!!

I have to admit I have not seen some of you in a while. I spent the whole weekend with Aimee and Nicole. It was fun and we watched a lot of movies lol. 

In case you all didn’t know, Nicole and I are trying to set up Brit on a blind date. We have created a Twitter account for her under Badamsdavis. We are updating her status as we speak lol…. Brit i a very interesting person to follow lol. It is fun, so If you ever get a chance to go on Twitter you should look her up.

Ok on other news, I do miss you all. I am talking about you Cherice and K10. I have not spend time with you both in weeks. I hope you all are doing great; hope to see you both sometime this week, or next week. 

As for the rest of you, the ones I do see on a regular basis, I have a few things I would like to say to you: 

Nicole: STOP SLEEPING OVER SO MUCH!!!You practically live here now haha lol…. No I do not mind you coming over so much, it is like having a 4th roommate again. Although, I do have some concerns about your sleeping habits. Every single time you sit on our white couch, you fall asleep. I am starting to get worried about this; I will consult a doctor first thing in the morning haha

Brittney: STOP GOING ON YOUTUBE SO MUCH!!! I know I know, I am the one who instigated that drug to you lol. However, you need to stop. As a friend, I think it is my responsibility to let you know when I think you have a problem. I will be looking into some centers were you can go and discuss your problem. It is not just me, we are all concerned for you lol. It  doesn’t let you do your homework, and it keeps you up really late. It is for the best if we block youtube from your life. 

Aimee: STOP WATCHING THE HILLS!!! or anything associated with those people. I have never met someone who knew so much about real people that he or she did not know. Oh wait, I do know a lot about Johnny haha. I think it is best to leave The Hills, The City, and all those THE shows behind. They are not reality, and they are not even interesting. They have been having the same drama since High School, and they are just plain uninteresting. I think it is safe to say stick to Survivor. At least that show does not have THE in it. 

Tami: STOP TALKING ABOUT THOMAS AND BRING HIM OVER!!! Your friends want to meet him, especially me. I promise I will not embarrass you, I will behave like a proper lady lol. Other than that,  I have nothing else to say to you except this: COKE IS BAD!!!

K enough of this, I need to go finish vacuuming the room so I can return it to my RA. Have a good Monday you all!

I love this song!!!

Hey Brit! Remember I was asking you about this one song, and we couldn’t remember who the artist was? Well, I found  it. The band is called New Radicals and the song is You Get What You Give.