Events and More

1. Sunday, May 3: IHOP study night for Finals @ 6:30 P.M….

Kristen was wondering if we all wanted to go to Denny’s that night instead. Brit and I want to go to IHOP. So comment back and let me know if you want to go to Denny’s instead. 

2. Tuesday, May 5: Benihanas in Newport Beach Dinner at 7 P.M ( meet in the room at 6:30 to carpool or meet us there- directions are online)

Confirmed guests:

Tami, Nicole, Maria, Brittney, Aimee, Cherice, David, Thomas, Charlie

3. Friday, May 8

Commencement Practice: 3:00 P.M

Baccalaureate: 7:30 P.M- Kristen I know you were asking If we were going and we are. We will be going to the movies afterwards.

Star Trek Movie ( So Exciting!!!!) 9:30 or later P.M- Charlie said that Baccalaureate only lasts about an hour so hopefully we can watch the movie around 9; I think it will be packed with all the star trek fanatics so I am saying the later the better. 

Confirmed Guests: Aimee ( even though she does not want to go, she is supporting her friends lol), Charlie, Myself, Brittney, and Tami

4. Saturday, May 9

Breakfast at Beachcombers in Newport Beach @ 9:30 A.M

We can all meet there or come here at VC around 9 to carpool. Directions are also online.

Confirmed Guests:

Tami, Myself, Aimee, Kristen, Nicole, Brittney, Vince

Graduation Ceremony @ 5:00 P.M

Everyone is going to be there. Lets all make sure we can meet up after the ceremony for pictures k. We will make sure to discuss this over breakfast on the Saturday of graduation. 

OMG we only have a little over a week before we graduate. Exciting!!!


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