It’s Official, I’m back!

After almost a year it seems, I’m back! I have to say I am really excited to start writing again about our adventures. The first thing I want to talk about is Aimee’s wedding. Its coming up really soon! I cant believe it! I am really excited for both Aimee & Charlie. I have to say Charlie, you are a very lucky man. Aimee, not so much lol jk.

So in the beginning of this month, Nicole, Brit, Aimee, Andrea, and myself went shopping for the bridesmaid dresses in LA. WHAT A MISSION!  First, I hated the location and the people were the worst. We had to try on our dressed in these dressing rooms that didn’t have any mirrors and to make things worse, the man working there wanted us to share a dressing room. HA! That was a joke. There is no way I was going to share a small room with brit, Andrea, and Nicole. Can you really picture all 4 of us in a small dressing room that doesn’t have a door? HAHA it was a curtain! LOL!

Ok, so it wasn’t as bad as I am making it seem, but I have to make the story more interesting, right? Well, we ended up picking these tube top, knee length dresses in a pool color. FYI, I ended up changing my dress size to a bigger one because I was concerned about the fit. I am not used to wearing these body fitting dresses. It made me feel uncomfortable LOL. I only hope now that the dress is not too big where Its falling off LOL.

On another note, I am trying to figure out what song to sing for Aimee & Charlies wedding? I am trying to find the perfect song that resembles their love for one another. Here are a couple I was thinking of:

Or, how about this song?

Wait there’s more lol.

This one is just for fun since I know Aimee loves Glee LOL

I think its clear I still don’t have a song Lol, but the search is on. If anyone has a good idea for a song, please let me know. I will be posting more on this blog so keep coming back to it and see whats new.

I miss you all!


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